Girona has the charm and magic of big cities, but the cozy essence of the towns.

Terram is located in the historic center of Girona, in the barri of Galligants, very close to the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants and the emblematic Catedral of Girona.


Aqva Banys romans

Urban spa in the city of Girona, where you can enjoy roman baths in a exceptional environment.

Catedral of Girona

The result of various periods and construction styles, the Catedral rises far above its neighboring buildings.

Vall of Sant Daniel

From Sant Pere de Galligants you can access the Vall of Sant Daniel. The total distance of the route is 4.5 km and of low difficulty, suitable for doing with all the family.

Nykteri's Cocktail Bar

Cocktail bar to taste a menu of more than 100 classic and creative cocktails, exquisite wines and tastings to accompany.

Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants

It is located within the urban from the city, an unusual fact if we consider that most monasteries are in isolated places.


Green spaces, beautiful and quiet places to disconnect, walk, enjoy nature or discover plants from all over the world without leaving Girona.